Full control of information flow, including traditional (Internet, TV, radio, newspapers) and social media.

Reputation and image management, raising efficiency of PR management.

Make the right executive decisions based on facts.

Flexible configuration of reports and analytical notes

IAS "ALEM MEDIA MONITORING" software solution with 100% kazakhstani content, wholly custom built by LSP "Alem Research".

It uses AI to analyze and monitor public opinion in the Internet. Our system can be used to make quick executive decisions based on accurate analysis of current state of the general public and media opinion, it encompasses domestic and foreign printed or online media, social networks, blogs and all of the posts and comments.

To date, our media monitoring system is an unsurpassed indispensable tool for PR departments, information-analysis centers and other structural departments of central and local government agencies, regional communication services and various other organizations.
We provide technical support and consultations for our clients on a 24/7 basis.



Big thank you to "Alem Research" for great system they implemented. We are getting structured reviews across different media. Getting correct feedback from Facebook and VK is a valuable tool. Provided materials are useful in our daily operation. I am very happy that we get statistical and analytical data from our system.
Timoshyuk Natalya Alexeevna
Head of PR for "Rakhat" corporation
It's imperative for any PR or press-secretariat to monitor reputational image and brand development of the company. Thus, using such an instrument as media monitoring is indispensable. We have started our work with "Alem Research" in February of this year. I am pleased to see that company is always on the forefront of technological progress and marches in step with time, creating products that are useful for their clients and uses best available technology. We have our own personal cabinet where I can, at any moment, get all the news that are associated with our company across all existing media publications. And this also applies to social media that is surging in popularity in these days. Huge bonus of this solution is that it saved considerable amount of time in our work.
Akkuzhina Anara
PR manager for "KAZNEX INVEST" corporation.
Our company participated in testing of Alem Research list correct product here since last year. We consider the software to be very convenient in terms of monitoring media. Our time spent to create reports on public media image was cut significantly. We also value ability to look up our company in foreign, specifically English sources. Thank you!
Ravil Budukov
Head specialist of Foreign relationship department of Investment and foreign relationship center for "International center of border cooperation "Khorgos""