ALEМ SOCIAL Монитор социального напряжения


Analysis and monitoring of public opinion in the Internet

Separate channel to funnel and respond to negative feedback in form of a chat-bot

Ensure efficient feedback to general population

Profiling of social media users

Flexible configuration of reports and analytical notes

IAS "ALEM SOCIAL" software solution with 100% kazakhstani content, wholly custom built by LSP "Alem Research".

System gathers negative public opinions (complaints, negative posts, petitions to government agencies etc...) in popular social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, VK, Telegram etc...) and sorts them into categories (education, healthcare, security, utility services, transport etc...).

Analyzing information gathered by "Alem Social" allows to see a realistic picture of what is going on in the society and make right conclusions and forecasts. This also allows to formulate realistic and efficient advice on step-by-step process of improvement. Which means that there would be positive feedback from government agencies to the general populace by quickly reacting to all the public inquiries based on monitoring info from social media.

Soon, this system will be available for commercial use and could be used to work with complaints from clients for large businesses (flight/railway carries, mobile networks, banks etc...).