Приветствие основателя компании

It is my pleasure to introduce to you our great team .For more than 12 years we develop unique solutions that help improve our clients' businesses.

Our main domains of expertise are AI and Big Data mining. Throughout these years, we have successfully developed and implemented numerous solutions in private and government organizations. All of our projects are aimed at improving service quality and raising end customer trust.

Using our expertise, we have also started and implemented many projects based on AI in social sector. These solutions could be used to monitor and control quality of services for private businesses and government agencies, as well as help gather and respond to public feedback.

We sincerely hope that our partnership with you will be mutually beneficial.

Sincerely yours, Sergazy Narynov

. LLP was founded in 2007 to develop advanced specialized neural network algorithms for Kazakhstan market. To date, our company is one of the acknowledged leaders of IT sector in Central Asia, we have proven ourselves by successfully deploying large and small scale solutions within Kazakhstan and abroad.

(Our goal is advancing information technologies and applied software engineering in our home country by deploying multitude of software solutions based on AI./ We take great pride in advancing and growing of our homeland IT an AI sectors by deploying multitude of advanced AI based software solutions.) Main focus of our company is creating and application of information analysis systems that can gather, process and analyze any amount or type of big data flows using Machine Learning technologies.

Products of . are widely used by large businesses, banks, national corporations, government agencies of all levels, international social organizations and development institutions.



We have most qualified people with vast expertise.


We practice creative approach to every new challenge and apply bleeding edge technology in our solutions.

Customers first

Our products always solve problems that our customers want solved and we guarantee full confidentiality of all data gathered.


Our company's backbone is the team. We are united by shared vision and goals.


We ship highest quality solutions, and we are always on schedule.


To optimize business processes within the company we have adopted Quality Assurance Management System – we are ISO-9001-2009 certified.

В 2020 году пройдена очередная сертификация на соответствие Системы менеджмента качества, подтвержденная сертификатами:
ISO 9001-2016
ISO 14001-2015
OHSAS 18001-2007

In 2013 ALEM RESEARCH have passed "Government accreditation in science and(or) technical field" and was awarded "Accreditation Certificate" by Control and Oversight in Education committee of Ministry of Education of Republic of Kazakhstan.

В 2020 году Alem Research прошла очередную аккредитацию в качестве субъекта научной и (или) научно-технической деятельности, что подтверждается Свидетельством об аккредитации, выданным Министерством образования и науки Республики Казахстан.


In our information analysis systems, we only use ALEM RESEARCH owned software solutions that are goverment certified as copyright subjects:
- Computer software "Alem Mental Intelligence", 2019
- Computer software "Alem Social – social tension monitor", 2018
- Computer software "Alem Media Monitoring", 2015
- Computer software "Alem Semantics 1.0", 2013
- Computer software "Alem Semantics", 2013
- Computer software "Alem Faces", 2012
- Computer software "Alem Business Intelligence", 2012
- "Specialized system for real estate management", 2012
- "Automated informational system of monitoring and control over subsidies payments", 2011
- "Analytical geoinformational system of collecting, analysis and publication of joint and statistical information over the Internet «GIS-Expert»", 2010
- System of automatic identification of people over video stream, 2009
- System of identification and mapping of objects, 2009